Window tinting can add a lot to your home and there is more to it than just controlling the amount of light that’s entering your home.  Some homeowners opt not to have window tints installed in their homes because they see it as an added, unnecessary cost, but by not installing window tints, you’re losing more money than you think.Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider home window tinting:


Added privacy

Window tints enhance your home’s privacy without you having to make any effort. You’re free to do whatever you want in your home without worrying if your neighbours can see you. More importantly, window tints help keep burglars at bay; when you don’t have tints installed, these housebreakers can easily see what the inside of your house looks like, where the valuables are placed and which part of the house can be accessed with ease, which means they can plan their move easily.


For heat reduction and glare protection

Window tints can dramatically reduce the heat in your home, which also means that window tinting can increase your home comfort level. Aside from that, window tints allow you to enjoy watching your favourite TV show or work on your computer without being interrupted by any interfering glares from the sun.


For interior protection

Long-term exposure to the solar heat and the UV rays is damaging, not only to us but to objects. When your house is not protected by window tints, expect that your flooring, curtains, carpets, furniture and other valuables will eventually fade, which isn’t good for the appearance of your home interiors. The sun’s UV rays also speed up the ageing process of your valuables on display, making objects deteriorate and crack easily.  What better way to protect your investment pieces than to install window tints.


For aesthetic purposes

There isn’t one type of window tint to opt for, there are companies that allow you to have the tints that would perfectly complement your home. Company reps will work with you and offer choices so you can select the colour that you prefer, and the design or pattern that you want printed on them. Customized window tints can enhance the appearance of your home, all you have to do is find the window tinting company that can help you achieve your goals.


For added safety and protection

One thing that no one can predict is when an accident or emergency situation will happen, especially when we consider natural calamities like earthquakes and storms. In such situations it is always better to think a few steps ahead. Having window tints installed should be part of the list – in case the window suddenly breaks, you will be sure that the glass won’t shatter into pieces, as the tinted film will work to hold the parts of your window together.


For energy efficiency

Another great benefit that window tints offer is that it lowers our energy consumption. When it’s extremely hot, the air conditioning system works twice as a hard to be able to lower the temperature of the space – this translates into losing money because of the high energy cost. The case will be different if you choose to install window tints as this limits the glare of the sun entering our home and heating it.


For skin and health protection

Over exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can cause skin, eye and immune system problems. There are people who suffer from melanoma or skin cancer, cataracts, infectious diseases, brought about by the suppression of cell-mediated immunity, and many more. Having window tints installed in your home offers added protection from the sun for you and your family.


Cost efficiency

At some point, you may want to revamp your home because area look old and your windows could be on the list. You could strike that through when you decide to install window tints. These window films preserve the integrity of your windows so instead of replacing the windows themselves, you can just opt to replace the tints, which is more affordable than going with the former. And, you can even change how your home looks like by opting for a different film design or colour.


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Peace of mind with 3M

To help reduce your chances of loss and add to your peace of mind you need 3M™ Ultra Safety & Security Film – a new dimension in affordable, effective safety & security window film.

There are many ways to help secure your home. Safety & Security Films are an invisible barrier applied to your existing windows that provide a non-obtrusive deterrent. The clarity of 3M™ films give security against ‘smash & grab’ crime while not making you feel that your home is a prison or completely blocking out the outside world.

Normally a would-be thief will expect to go to your windows give them a whack! and gain access to your home easily. They can then grab what they want and leave quickly through the broken window

The difference is that with 3M™ Ultra Safety & Security Films, with Ultraflex 3000™ installed deters the ‘smash & grab’ thief and protects your contents. The skilled and trained consultants at DMS Tinting & Graphics can advise you as to how your home can benefit from these technologies.

Crime Prevention: impedes quick entry through windows and glass doors.

Protection in severe weather events and accidents: Helps hold glass panes in place to minimise flying glass due to violent weather or accidental breakage.

Available in clear safety film or with a tinted sun control option.

What makes 3M™ Security Film different is the way they are made. As a leader in both adhesive and film technologies, 3M™ brings together these disciplines to create the finest products available for both residential use.

3M™ Ultra Safety & Security Window Films will make your home more secure, help save energy and they help protect your furnishings, drapes, carpet, artwork, timber floors and furniture from destructive ultraviolet rays that cause fading; help to seal out the water, the primary cause of property damage; and have a toughness that allows these films to withstand day-to-day abuse.

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The Process


office window tint

 The solar film procedure includes applying a coating of solar film over the surface of a window or glass door, designed to prevent the penetration of harmful radiation from the sun.

Furniture, decorations and floor coverings, and your other valuable assets are also protected by this applied safeguard. With an inherent and tested anti-fading control, your general environment is aesthetically enhanced, whether a home or office building.

 causes of fading

Image credit to 3M Findow Films

 In addition, solar window film adds financial value to your property investment in Canberra, being in certain instances undetectable to cursory viewers.

Depending on the situation in which solar window film is installed, will determine its category, with a commercial application offering greater advantages in comparison to a residential installation.

This is significantly influenced by the increased cost effectiveness factor, created by size and volume of usage, especially with regard to the reduction in power and energy consumption.

In addition, are the improvements gained by employees, relating to glare, improved levels of comfort, resulting in greater worker satisfaction and increased productivity.

The image of a business is also enhanced to clients and potential customers, with these improved comfort levels. All the previous associated positive factors are associated with a general impression of concern and caring.

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 Whether for a home or a business in Canberra, you will want the best possible value and results from your solar window film installation and investment. Therefore, it’s worth applying some time and consideration to the procedure, by ensuring that the appropriate tints and film are selected, that enhance as well as improve the environment of a room or office.

commercial window tinted

Solar window film has been proven to show significant reductions in the power consumption of a building. This is influenced by the reduction in the power used, for example, by the air conditioning units.

In normal conditions, when a room or office has accumulated heat, additional energy is required for the installed air conditioning system to eliminate the heat factor from that environment.

The installation of solar window film has the effect of eliminating the heat from the sun entering that area, thus avoiding the expenditure of additional energy by air conditioners or other cooling applications.

Solar window film is capable of reducing the demand on electrical facilities at peak usage times in Canberra, due to the energy conservation properties of the film.


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