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 The solar film procedure includes applying a coating of solar film over the surface of a window or glass door, designed to prevent the penetration of harmful radiation from the sun.

Furniture, decorations and floor coverings, and your other valuable assets are also protected by this applied safeguard. With an inherent and tested anti-fading control, your general environment is aesthetically enhanced, whether a home or office building.

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 In addition, solar window film adds financial value to your property investment in Canberra, being in certain instances undetectable to cursory viewers.

Depending on the situation in which solar window film is installed, will determine its category, with a commercial application offering greater advantages in comparison to a residential installation.

This is significantly influenced by the increased cost effectiveness factor, created by size and volume of usage, especially with regard to the reduction in power and energy consumption.

In addition, are the improvements gained by employees, relating to glare, improved levels of comfort, resulting in greater worker satisfaction and increased productivity.

The image of a business is also enhanced to clients and potential customers, with these improved comfort levels. All the previous associated positive factors are associated with a general impression of concern and caring.

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 Whether for a home or a business in Canberra, you will want the best possible value and results from your solar window film installation and investment. Therefore, it’s worth applying some time and consideration to the procedure, by ensuring that the appropriate tints and film are selected, that enhance as well as improve the environment of a room or office.

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Solar window film has been proven to show significant reductions in the power consumption of a building. This is influenced by the reduction in the power used, for example, by the air conditioning units.

In normal conditions, when a room or office has accumulated heat, additional energy is required for the installed air conditioning system to eliminate the heat factor from that environment.

The installation of solar window film has the effect of eliminating the heat from the sun entering that area, thus avoiding the expenditure of additional energy by air conditioners or other cooling applications.

Solar window film is capable of reducing the demand on electrical facilities at peak usage times in Canberra, due to the energy conservation properties of the film.