Anti-Graffiti Window Protection

The removal of scratches and other damage to windows is fast becoming a major expense for facility managers and property owners. North Shore Window Tinting can supply and install anti graffiti window tint that is a transparent / optically clear film designed to prevent damage to glass. This product offers the opportunity for major cost savings by reducing the risk of damage and expense to replace glass.

Fight Against Graffiti Problems

North Shore Window Tinting can quote and install clear anti graffiti window tint films to help fight against graffiti problems. Department stores, schools, malls, trains, subways, bus shelters, store display cases, bathroom mirrors/stalls, elevator doors, public transportation and store fronts can be damaged and ruined by graffiti and vandalism.

Anti-Graffiti window tint film was created to protect glass and other non-porous surfaces from accidental scratches and acts of vandalism. From spray paint graffiti to smash-and-grab robbers, property owners and managers are in a constant battle to protect their glass and property.

With a unique polyester construction bonded with special adhesives, anti-graffiti window tint films provide protection for glass, metal and non-porous surfaces. Its unique adhesive bonds the film to glass, allowing the film to stay attached longer and makes it more difficult for smash-and-grab robbers to be successful.