What Window Tinting Films are right for you?

Neutral Films: These Window Tinting films are specially designed to appear nearly “invisible” when applied to the glass, as they do not add any special colour to the glass like other films. Sometimes referred to as “natural” films, these films are great for customers who want to prevent sun damage inside the home without having the obvious darker appearance of other window treatments.

Low Reflective Window Tinting Films: These films were introduced in order to address the concern in warm, sunny areas of controlling the sun’s energy during the day, while simultaneously preserving personal privacy throughout the night. Low reflective films have high solar rejection rates for the day, while still providing clear visibility during the day and night.

Ceramics: These Window Tinting films are ideal for customers who desire high light transmission and heat reduction, without any added shine. They are a great choice for those wanting to preserve night-time views and an invisible film appearance on both sides of the glass.

Spectra-Select Window Tinting Films: These films block far more of the (invisible) infrared spectrum of light than the visible portion, thus maintaining higher levels of light transmission while substantially reducing solar heat gain. These films are different from the non-spectrally selective (neutral) films that block the visible and infrared regions of the spectrum more evenly. Read More 

Decorative Window Tinting Films: Any image, photographic or otherwise, that can be scanned and digitised can also be produced on a film-to-glass product. Corporate logos, brand names, advertisements, or decorative designs for interior glass partitions are just a few possible applications of this exciting new technology. Film can feature images seen on only one side of the glass. Read More

Security Window Tinting Films: Fortifies your windows so that when accidents happen, the danger of shattered glass – or being hit by an object – is substantially lower. And of course, windows treated with security film make it much harder for thieves to break in. Read More