Solar Tint or Control Film

Solar Tint or Control Film

Today’s buildings utilise more glass than ever before. The trend towards open floor plans, high ceilings and extensive use of glass has become the preferred standard. Yet glass windows are notorious energy wasters, making building owners and managers increasingly concerned about excessive glare, heat build-up and higher energy costs.


Clear or tinted Solar control film is like sunscreen for your home or office.

Clear, non-reflective, reflective, tinted, neutral, coloured, or protective – Solar Tint makes light a welcome addition to your interior spaces.

Solar Tint can help make any building a more comfortable place to work. Solar Tint reduces up to 78% of the sun’s heat that comes through windows by reflecting it away from interior spaces. This can help balance east-west and north-south sun exposures helping to reduce air conditioning costs. Solar Tint also help reduce winter heat loss through windows up to 35% by reflecting indoor heat back into rooms.

Solar Tint is a great alternative to blinds and reduce annoying glare by up to 94% without blocking the view. It also virtually eliminates all of the sun’s destructive ultraviolet rays, the rays most responsible for causing fading and sun damage. Solar Tint blocks up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, while at the same time allowing you to control the amount of heat and glare that come into your interior space through the windows.

Residential Solar Control Films make homes in all climates more efficient and more comfortable year-round. Solar Control Films go beyond just improved comfort and efficiency. They reduce harmful ultraviolet rays, and reduce eye irritating glare. Films are available from absolutely clear to dark tints and reflective shades that provide a high level of privacy. It really is one of the best things you can do for your home, furnishings and family.

In the summer, Solar Control Films reject up to 78% of the sun’s solar energy – reducing hot spots and solar heat streaming through the windows into your home. In the winter, Solar Control Films continue to perform by helping reduce interior heat loss through the glass.

When furniture, rugs, and fabrics begin fading the primary villain is ultraviolet solar energy. Even without direct sunlight, ultraviolet radiation can fade valuable furnishings, because unprotected clear glass allows harmful and damaging ultraviolet light to enter your home.

No window film can totally eliminate fading, however Solar Control Films can provide maximum protection from fading without blocking your view. Solar Control Films reject 99.9% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays – acting like sunscreen for your home.

UV Protection

Solar Tint is also known as Solar Control Films, they are high performance products resulting from the latest technology and they no longer need to be dark or highly reflective to provide impressive performance. Whether your home or business décor is contemporary, traditional, old or new, it deserves the very best to preserve its look and value. Solar Tint has been designed to do just that, while adding to the comfort, aesthetics and protection of your interior spaces.

Because Solar tint does such an effective job of blocking solar heat, uncomfortable warm areas near windows and glass doors are reduced or eliminated. In addition, Solar Tint does a masterful job of reducing annoying glare – so you won’t have to close the drapes or adjust blinds. You’ll be able to enjoy the view year round without squinting at the glare from the pool.

Solar Tint also provides a measure of safety by helping to hold glass together in case of an accident, protecting family and pets – a comforting thought.